Carpets & Carpet Tiles in Essex & London

LKJ supply and install carpets & carpet tiles to home and office

With literally 1000’s of different styles, grades, textures and colours choosing the right Carpet or Carpet Tiles can be daunting. We can supply carpets made to any width and colour and they start at incredibly affordable prices.

All the carpets and carpet tiles we supply laid by fitters are approved to the highest standard so quality for installation and service is always perfect.

Bedroom Carpets

Bedroom carpets often have a softer, plush feel and are usually man made fibre, all colours are available are are generally designed for lighter traffic areas.

Carpets for High-Traffic areas

Whether its for your Hall, stairs, landing and living room carpets need to withstand a certain degree of wear as these are high traffic areas in the home.

Carpets Tiles for domestic and commercial areas

LKJ Flooring supplies and lays many ranges of Carpet tiles. Carpet tiles or commercial floor tiles are mostly used for commercial and business premises and we offer a unique collection of matching carpet tiles and 4m width and we also supply all the leading brands. A wide choice of designs and colours available that a colour and design to match your business branding is always guaranteed.

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